Turn Key Hologram Project Line

Fully Automatic Narrow Web Hard Embossing Machine with Compliance Plastic or Rubber Roller

Detailed Specifications of Equipment

This equipment is designed for the commercial production of Embossed Film for Security Holograms and allied Products, using PET & Hot Stamping Foils of various thicknesses from 18µ. and upward. Due to the highly automated nature of this latest equipment, the end-user can plan and control all the operating variables of the Embossing Process such as temperature, pressure and web speed from a single control panel. This unique feature ensures that optimum results are obtained with minimum wastage of expensive base material (3% (three percent) max). Uniform heating of the Embossing Roller and precise temperature control through an automated Coil Heating System ensures High Speed of Embossing and extended “Shim Life “ The Roller Consists of Compliance Plastic/Rubber Roller made by DUPONT, USA.


Main specifications :

1. Roll Width : 300 mm
2. Standard Embossing Width : 150 mm- to 220 mm
3. Film Thickness : 23µ to 75 µ
4. Tension Control System :

a) Electromagnetic Rewinding Clutch
b) Electromagnetic Unwinding Brake.

5. Rewind Roll Dia : 400 mm Max
6. Un-wind Roll Dia : 400 mm Max
7. Digital Temperature Controller : Individual Temperature Control for 3 Nos. Individual Roller.
8. Embossing Speed : 45 Meters/ Minute (Max) Depend upon the Materials.
9. Main Supply Voltage : 415 Volts – 50 Hz
10. Pick Power Consumption : 6 Kw
11. Electronic Speed Indicator : Included.
12. Electronic Panel Counter : Included.
13. Embossing Roller Pressure Control : Pneumatic System Adjustable.
14. Rollers : Two Nos. Compliance Plastic/Rubber roller made by DUPONT, USA & One Shim Roller.
15. All Spare Parts : Electrical & Pneumatic CE Certified.
16. Machine Speed Control : VFD Control
17. Weight : 2,500 Kg (Approx)
18. Approx. Dimensions : 2 m X 1 m X 1.4 m



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