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About Us

Holographic Origination & Machineries Limited is a Technology Driven Company with the sole objective of making available State of the Art Turn-Key Manufacturing Plants

Quality Policy

We are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company with over 10 years experience in providing holographic solutions. With our fully integrated state-of-the-art manufacturing unit at Kolkata, India

Hologram FAQ

What is a Hologram ?

Holography is the process by which Three Dimensional Visual Information is Recorded, Stored and Replayed. A Hologram refers to the “Flat Picture” that displays a “Multi Dimensional Image” under proper illumination. Unlike any Photograph, a Holographic image has “Parallex” i.e. the Ability to be Seen from Many Angles and Depth – just like we see things in real life.

How do Holograms work ?

When a Beam of Light strikes a Hologram at the proper angle, a Multi-dimensional Image will appear – Direct Sunlight or a Single Overhead Spotlight is the best way to illuminate Holograms with deep Imagery. Embossed Holograms, with their Shallower Imagery, can be viewed when lighting is less than ideal – under Fluorescent light etc.

Applications of Holographic products

  • Security Holograms
  • Promotional Holograms
  • Holographic Taggers
  • Holographic Adhesive & Stamping Tapes
  • Holographic Shrink Sleeves
  • Textile Holograms
  • Hot Stamping Holograms
  • Holographic Laminates
  • Holographic Packaging Films
  • Holographic Gift Wraps and many other products
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